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Hi readers,

School have been extremely busy with 3 projects due next week and exam coming up. Will update the blog with more food reviews after everything is over.

Sidenote: Though there are always set backs, disappointments and grievances in life, it is important to accept that whatever happened has happened and it is the history now. The only thing one can do is to cherish the present, make improvements and learn your lessons so as to create a brighter future.

Quote: No matter how tough life is, as long as you show up and never give up, you will always be looked up.


Stuff’d @ City Square Mall Food Review

Hello readers, it is the recess week period now and despite all the upcoming mid terms, i have not been really studying yet. Instead, i have been going out often and during one my recent trips to City Square Mall at Farrer Park, i have came across this new food outlet called Stuff’d at the B2 Level. Being someone who loves novelty and likes to try on new food, me and my girl decided to give it a try after seeing the relatively long queue for it. To my surprise, it is really nice and i guess, healthy.

So what is Stuff’d, and what do they sell? Here is the information i have obtained from their official facebook page.

“Making delicious food that you can take away quickly actually requires a lot of work, and takes quite a bit of time behind the scenes. After all our Kebabs, Burritos and Signature Quesadillas are made daily from scratch. We use really great natural ingredients; avocados, legumes, leafy vegetables, etc., which means that there are no artificial additives. We make food that we will be happy to feed our friends and loved ones”

So yes, the food that they are selling are namely the kebabs, burritos and quesadillas. (Mexican and Turkish food) Having tried their burritos, i have to say that it is indeed quite delicious. It is like a healthier version of KFC Bandito Pockett, abeit replacing the fried chicken with steamed/grilled chicken bits. The amount of chicken that they put inside the burritos are also quite generous and coupled that with the sour sauce or the salsa sauce, the taste is really good. Hence, if you guys are tired of the same boring food that you have been eating all these days, you can probably make a trip down to Stuff’d and give their burritos and other food a try.

Currently they are having a promotion till September 30th, buying the burrito and any of their main items will comes with a complimentary drink and add on. So it is pretty worthwhile too, considering that a normal meal will just cost around $7. And trust me, you can be really full from eating it. Lastly, one thing to note is that their spicy sauce is really spicy!


City Square Mall

Farrer Park MRT Station





Cafe. Waiting. Love 等一個人咖啡 Movie Review


Hi everyone, as usual school have been crazy with all the project deadlines coming out. But i am glad to find time to catch a movie yesterday for TGIF with my girl. The name of the movie is called Cafe. Waiting. Love or 等一個人咖啡. For people who are familiar with the movie years ago called You Are The Apple of My Eye or 那些年,我們一起追的女孩, this movie is again adapted from one of the novels by the famous taiwanese writer Giddens Ko

For a description of the movie, here is an extract from Shaw Cinema:

College freshman Si-ying has a part-time job at “Café. Waiting. Love” café, owned by a beautiful mysterious woman. There, she befriends Abusi, a tomboyish barista who can make any coffee no matter how ridiculous the customers’ request. She also develops a crush for Zeyu, a popular boy who always sits in the same spot. College senior A-Tuo comes to the cafe with his friends and runs into Abusi, who caused his breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

A-Tuo’s friends tease him, but is saved when Si-ying stands up for him. They become fast friends and is introduced to his peers. Life begins improving for Si-ying. A-Tuo is a campus legend, having failed his classes multiple times. But far from being lazy, A-Tuo works multiple jobs to save for his dream of travelling the world. While working at a seafood joint, he befriends the gangster-like owner Brother Bao and an amazing cook Auntie Jin-dao. A-Tuo finds himself becoming attracted to Si-ying, but his feelings are not reciprocated as she still has a crush on Zeyu.

Finally, A-Tuo decides to leave Taiwan on his travels. Upon hearing the news, Si-ying realises where her heart belongs…

Similar to 那些年, this movie focuses on the love life of carefree high school students and all the stories unfold in a small cafe. I feel that it is a pretty good movie as there are quite a bit of humour in it on top of some touching scenes. However, the story is quite like a fairytale or fantasy as it may not be that realistic. However, for a movie to watch and relax, this is definitely a movie that is worth going for.

The following quote sums up the whole story:

每一個人,都在等一個人。 等待一個,能看見你與眾不同的,那一個人

Every single person in this world, is just waiting for their other half, waiting for the destined one, who can see the beauty in you

Other than the movie, the following theme songs are worth listening to and have already reached million views on youtube, so here it is. For readers who wanna take a break from all your hectic lives, do watch the movie or listen to the following songs 🙂


Tokyu Hands

Hi everyone, it has been a long while since i last posted on this blog. School has started in NUS and it have been getting busier with all the tutorials, assignments and projects. Taking a break now, i would like to introduce the opening of the first Tokyu Hands Store in Singapore located at West Gate.



For those people who are unaware of Tokyu Hands, it is a popular Japanese store that started off with hobby DIY crafts and materials back in the late 70s and 80s, and then expanded to home improvement and lifestyle products. For those people who had travel to Japan often, you would have realise the brand as it is usually located in a large building such as the one in Shinjuku. I was there in Japan in 2012 and i would not even manage to finish browsing through the first level.

Tokyu Hands, located in the Takashimaya Times Square Building


Offering everyday commodities ranging from stationary, to DIY tools and materials, hobby craft, interior decor, kitchen supplies, health care and beauty, fashion, sports and travel accessories, it will provide shoppers with as wide range of options, especially for those who love goods that are made in Japan. The Singapore store in Westgate is smaller in scale, but it is still a refreshing and fresh new tenant concept, offering shoppers a new choice to shop other than the same old stores that we always see in shopping centres.



Hence, for shoppers who are sick of the same old stores in local shopping centres, do make a visit down to Tokyu Hands for some made in Japan goods.


Sembawang White Bee Hoon – You Huak Restaurant

Its been a while since my last post as i have been away for holidays in Taiwan. School is going to start soon and i have got lots of food reviews which have not been posted yet, such as the reviews for Llao Llao and Shiok Maki. It is going to be up soon 🙂

This post is dedicated to Sembawang White Bee Hoon, which is really one of the best chi char bee hoon that i have tasted so far. The key of the dish lies in the gravy that comes along with it. If you guys have not tasted it before, do give it a try. The price is pretty affordable plus they have other side dishes which are pretty nice as well, for example the homemade seafood roll.

The place, You Huak Restaurant is located at Sembawang, just opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. Though it is not really accessible as it is not near the MRT Station, the quality of the food really justifies the extra effort taken to reach the place for a meal.

Here are the photos of some of the dishes.

20140621_175255 20140621_175242

The best dishes for me are definitely the White Bee Hoon ($4.50), seafood roll ($10) and the calamari ($10) as shown in the pictures.

Furthermore, be prepared to queue for around half an hour to an hour if you go there during peak hours as the seats are limited. For your info, the place is non-air conditioned, but the pure quality of the food there plus the affordable prices sort of make up for that.

Hence, if you guys are looking for an affordable and yet nice food, do pay a visit to Sembawang for their legendary White Bee Hoon.

Rating: 9/10


Sumire Yakitori House @ BUGIS

Yakitori is one of my favourite japanese food that i have always eat. Tori-Q is a quick and easy option for a fast dinner as they are readily available in most of the shopping malls in Singapore.

However, when it comes to the best yakitori, i have to say Sumire Yalkitori House at Bugis Junction serves the best yakitori that i have eaten so far.

Located outside of Bugis Junction and at the less crowded end, not many people may have known of the place. However, i feel that Sumire is a hidden gem. It is a established yakitori restaurant in Tokyo with around 15 outlets, serving a wide range of food at reasonable prices.






Food that i would recommend you guys to order will be the giant croquette, which is really very nice, probably because the ingredients inside contains an egg. Next, the mentaiko udon as shown in the picture deserved a try too as the soup is thick and tasty. Lastly, for the yakitori, i feel that all of them are nice, haha. The lady in the restaurant will cook the yakitori skewer right in front of you.

Hence, if you guys are looking for something nice to eat at Bugis, do give Sumire Yakitori House a try  as the price is reasonable considering the quality of the food there.

Rating: 9/10




Yellow Submarines @ Bugis Junction



So the World Cup fever is over and it is back to work as usual. Time flies and it is already the last week of my internship, so i went exploring around. Pass by this fast food outlet called Yellow Submarine and it seems interesting so here is the review.

The menu at this outlet is conceptualised by fellow Philly cheesesteak lovers, with the help of celebrity chef Chef Eric Teo. They sell chicken sub, veg sub, tuna sub and burgers other than the classic cheesesteak. And i feel that it is a refreshing thing if you are sick of eating Subway sandwiches.

I ordered the Chicken Sub meal and it comes with cheese fries which i have to say, is really not bad and a cup of drink. Initially i thought that the portion was quite small but after finishing it, i was surprisingly quite full.

The price of the meal comes up to $11 plus which i feel is a bit towards the expensive side considering that it is fast food after all. However, i feel that the quality of the food makes up for it. Considering that it is quite a refreshing concept, i will thus recommend readers to give it a try at least once.

Price of the meal: $11+

Rating: 4/5








World Cup Finals: Argentina vs Germany


Have been busy working during the past week and time really flies. With a blink of an eye, it is already the World Cup Final match between Argentina and Germany.

For those Singaporeans fans out there, it will be shown live on okto channel at 3am today. I believe this match will be watched by at least half of the world and that is how popular the World Cup is. Even the old 70yr old aunties at hawker are talking about this match as it offers them a avenue to bet and win some extra money while following the “trend” at the same time.

For me, i am a Germany supporter but i am afraid i will be rooting for Argentina tonight. That is because i have put my small bets mainly on Argentina to win. Haha, what a irony. I guess i will be happy no matter who wins the match tonight.

My heart is with Germany though as i have supported them ever since the 2002 World Cup when they have the likes of Michael Ballack and Oliver Kahn.

Gogo Germany! Having watching everyone!


Singapore stocks: Recommendation

Hi guys, here are a few stocks with potential in the upcoming months:

Wing Tai Holdings: Buy now at a lower price to probably keep it for its dividends coming November. Otherwise, wait till November for its price to raise up before selling for a profit.

Mapletree Industrial Trust: Dividends coming soon. Buy now while the price is still low. For long term dividend yield.

Boustead: Buy for its high dividend yield


Tamoya Udon @ Liang Court

Recently after work, i have made a visit to Tamoya Udon at Liang Court for a quick dinner after hearing rave reviews about it. Hence, this is the review.

Indeed the whole experience at Tamoya is quite fuss-free in that everything is self-service, including returning the plates and bowls yourself. (just like primary school students).

The price is quite affordable as compared to typical japanese restaurants in that a average person dining there will not spend more than $10 per person.

Another good thing about Tamoya is that there is a self service section of sauces and condiments to add to your otherwise-plain bowl of udon. In that corner, there is free-flow seaweed, crispy tempura crumbs, chilli, tempura sauce and more.

And so here are the steps in ordering when queuing up:

  1. First counter will be where you order your udon from the staffs, if i am correct, there are around 6-8 udon choices for you to choose from.
  2. Next counter will be the ingredients sections where you can choose from a wide range of fried food such as chicken cutlet, tempura, croquette, shiitake mushroom, rice ball and more.
  3. At this counter/cashier, you will have to pay the money.
  4. After paying, you will go to the self service corner to pick up all your utensils, sauces and condiments as mentioned before. Chilled water is also available.
  5. Finally, find a table and enjoy your food 🙂

In total, around $18 was spent for the two of us which means a average of $9 per pax. Hence it is definitely a worthwhile place to dine at, considering the food is not bad. The bad thing is that  most of their fried food are served cold because they are left at the counter for too long. Also, the soup in the bowl of udon is too little, i feel that they can do better with a bigger bowl and give more soup.

Overall, i feel that Tamoya Udon is worth a try due to its affordability as well as for the ‘japanese feeling’ when you dine at the outlet. (Especially since Liang Court have alot of Japanese people around)

Rating: 7/10